2016 Maker Challenge

"Life's better when you make stuff"

The new year is here. How can you make this year better than the last? For me the answer is to create new things. I don't want to "just be a consumer." Making things, and releasing them to the world, gives my life purpose.

This year, I'm challenging myself to make 100 things. Want to join me? I've created a special 10 day program to get you started. You don't need to make 100 things (that's my goal); the point is to challenge yourself to spend more time creating in 2016.

Join the Maker Challenge

Kick off 2016 with a commitment to make stuff. Join the challenge and I'll help you get started with ideas, worksheets, and checklists to motivate you.

It doesn't matter if you swing hammers, a keyboard and mouse, a paintbrush, a needle and thread, or a soldering iron. We're all makers here.

Let's make 2016 our most creative year ever.

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