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Make 2018 your best year as a solopreneur.

Looking to grow your product business to $100k in 2018? I'm doing a new year's bootcamp for you!

When: Tuesday, January 9, 2018, noon - 2pm, Pacific.

Who: For founders with product & revenue, and want to reach $100k in revenue.

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By the end of the workshop, you'll have a personalized plan on how to leverage your strengths, and take advantage of 2018's opportunities. You'll be starting January with a burst of enthusiasm, and the motivation to put your steps into action.

These bootcamps are interactive: you'll be filling out workbooks as I present. Afterwards, I'll look at each workbook, and add suggestions and ideas just for you.

Because I'm offering personalized advice, there are limited spots available.

Start your year with a bootcamp that kicks your ass into gear.

2017 proved that it's harder than ever to be a solo-founder. Niches crumbled. Marketing channels were saturated. Competition increased. And more than ever, consumers got tired.

This year I saw many of my indie friends return to paid employment. For some, it was rising healthcare costs. Others got ground down by the hustle: too much work, for too little reward.

How can you keep your solopreneur dream alive?

To win in 2018, you're going to need to understand the current opportunities, and then use your unique strengths to capitalize on them.

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Hi, I'm Justin

Justin Jackson

Since launching the Product People podcast in 2012, I've had a back-channel to hundreds of bootstrappers.

In private Slack chats, Skype calls, and DMs, I hear stuff from founders that isn't being shared publicly.

There are still lots of indie business opportunities, but you have to be careful: the old playbooks don't work anymore.

After years of blogging, podcasting, and building trust, I launched my solopreneur career in 2016. That year, with these products, I made more money than I ever had. This year I'm on track to do $200k. And, in 2018, I'm working towards $300k.

I'm in a unique position:

  • I've just recently launched my business. I'm not some old-timer who got in early. I went indie two years ago. I'm in the trenches.
  • I've built a big network of founders. Through my podcast and my community, I've gotten a behind-the-scenes look at a lot of businesses.

Being in this situation has given me insight. I've got a good idea of what still works, what doesn't, and what new opportunities we should be looking at.

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Robert's story

"I started Workshop because I was a freelancer who was having trouble finding work. I was in Justin Jackson's product community, and I literally drafted up a landing page in a few hours and posted it for feedback."

Robert capitalized on an opportunity, and a personal strength:

  1. Opportunity: there's been an influx of freelancers in the last 5 years. There's more competition for work, and it's harder to find leads.
  2. Personal strength: Rob had felt this pain personally. He knew the struggle first-hand.

When he launched Workshop, there was a big demand. Nobody had created a service that handpicked leads for freelancers. In his first month, he got to $3,000 in MRR and was able to replace his income.


What's included in the bootcamp?

Once you register, you'll get access to:

  • Live video + chat (on the day of the event)
  • Download of the video recording
  • Interactive workbook (where we'll create your plan)
  • Notes from me, Justin, on your plan (after the event)

Workshop preview

What's the live event like?

On the day of the event, you'll get access to the live video feed. As I present, you'll be able to ask me questions and interact with the other attendees.

The first hour will be primarily instruction: opportunities and threats I see in SaaS, software, and info-products.

The second hour will be interactive: I'll show you how you can leverage your strengths to take advantage of opportunities and to overcome weaknesses.

Do I have to show up live?

Nope! Typically, my workshops will get 20 registrations, and 5-6 will show up for the live event.

If you do show up for the live event you'll get more hands-on training.

If you can't make it, most of my customers find the recording and the workbook more than worth the price of admission.

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Kevin Lee
"Justin was the first to inspire me to start selling digital products online. Now, PMHQ is generating $75-100k in annual revenue." – Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee
"I'm a member of Justin's MegaMaker Club, and being in a community of product people that are focused on building and launching products has been really helpful. Especially as a solo developer. Having a place to bounce ideas and get help is invaluable." – Dennis

Kevin Lee
"I'm a fan of Justin Jackson, Brennan Dunn, and Nathan Barry. All three teach what they know and have been an inspiration. I recommend you spend some time reading their material. All three provide a TON of free information." – Paul Dessert

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My business advice has been featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Lifehacker. I even had an appearance on CBC Radio!

Fast Company, Entrepreneur, CBC, Inc., Lifehacker

You may have also heard me on these podcasts: Fizzle, Everyone Hates Marketers, MegaMaker, Hack the Entrepreneur, and Product People.

This bootcamp is for you

In 2017, many solopreneurs struggled to grow their business. This bootcamp will help you identify new opportunities for 2018. Now, you'll be able to grow your audience, increase revenue, and stay relevant.

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