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Maker Mob

Keenan Kirk is my friend.

He's also the designer who created the MegaMaker logo. His band, Forester, just released their new album: Vanity.

The music industry has always fascinated me. There is so much new music, it's hard for a new band to stand out. I've always wondered...

Can we influence what rises above the noise?

Have you heard of a flash mob? It's when a large group of people suddenly show up at the same place, at the same time to perform a specific action.

Let's try an experiment...

If we all play Forester's new single (Vanity), what would happen?

Could we get it to show up on the Spotify, iTunes and Google Play charts?


Here's what to do...

Play the song "Vanity" on your favorite service:

Vanity - (Spotify)
Vanity - (Apple Music)
Vanity - (Google Play)
Vanity - (Soundcloud)
Vanity - (iTunes download)
Vanity - (YouTube)

Here's what we're testing...

If we all play that single together, at the same time, how does it affect the rankings? Currently they look like this:

Spotify plays

We'll need to check these Spotify charts tomorrow to see how we did.


Listen to the podcast episode for more background.

How do you submit a product for consideration? Right now we don't have a process for that. I'm thinking we'll eventually use something like Upstarter.