Speak at a tech conference – online course and coaching from Justin Jackson

Speak at a tech conference

“Justin’s coaching helped me speak on stage with confidence.” – Ashley Baxter

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A four-week live course on public speaking

Cory House“6 years ago: I was terrified of public speaking. Today, I’m presenting my 120th session. I’ve never felt more grateful, or more free.” – Cory House

You’re a developer, designer, technologist, geek, or product person.

And you want to give a talk at a tech conference.

But you have a bunch of obstacles in your way:

  • You have no experience giving a talk.
  • You don’t know how to organize your material.
  • You don’t know how to write an interesting talk.
  • You don’t know to act on stage and speak with confidence.
  • You don’t know how to get a speaking gig, or how to pitch yourself as a speaker.

Take my “public speaking for geeks” class: Autumn 2018

You’ll learn:

  • Tues, Nov 27th – How to choose a topic
  • Weds, Nov 28th – How to write a good talk
  • Thurs, Nov 29th – How to practice your talk
  • Friday, Nov 30th – How to deliver your talk, and get your first gig

The live class is every day, for 1 hour, from Nov 27-30th at 10am Pacific.

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Public speaking skills = career skills

Even if you don’t get on stage at a conference, strong public speaking skills are a great way to level-up professionally.

Stephanie Hurlburt“I recommend speaking at conferences – it helps you meet people and is also a clear ‘Hey, I know what I’m doing and I can write good code’ signal to the world.” – Stephanie Hurlburt

For me personally, it’s unlocked all sorts of new opportunities: job offers, raises, podcast interviews, and product sales.

Public speaking skills = business revenue

Stephanie Hulburt has also shown that there’s a business benefit from speaking at events:

Speaking at conferences is huge; one of the best ways to generate new revenue in our business. A few hours prepping slides & few days in meetings = wide reach, PR, credibility boost, & lots of face-to-face time

How I got on stage

I’m Justin Jackson. I’ve been a geek my whole life.

As a teenager, I was the shyest kid in my whole class.

Public speaking terrified me.

When I entered adulthood and started my career, I realized that learning to speak publicly was a critical skill. Whether it was presenting to my dev team, giving a product demo, or speaking at a local meetup, I needed to know how to give a talk.

I started small by doing team presentations. Then, I moved on to giving product demos.

Eventually, I put on a small workshop for our customers.

In 2011, I attended a Future of Web Apps conference in Miami and wondered:

Could I speak on stage at a tech conference like this?

I kept practicing. I spoke at local meetups and events.

And then, in 2015 I submitted an attendee talk for MicroConf in Las Vegas. My topic was picked, and I gave my 12-minute talk on stage at a tech conference!

The organizers liked it so much, they asked me to be the keynote speaker at MicroConf in Barcelona that summer.

Justin Jackson speaking

Since then, I’ve spoken every year at conferences like MicroConf, AppSumo’s SumoCon, and Laracon.

I want to teach you everything I know about public speaking; from writing the talk, to getting a speaking slot, to delivering your talk on stage.

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Holy sh*t dude. This was awesome! You totally read my boggled mind and got my message nailed down way better than I had it.”

– Paul, Health Geeks

Who is behind this? Hi, I’m Justin Jackson, the founder of MegaMaker.

I’ve been working with SaaS companies since 2008. I was the Product Manager at Sprintly and Mailout, and have consulted on marketing & growth for startups in London, San Francisco, Boulder, and Portland.

I’ve also been featured in:

Justin Jackson has been featured in Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Lifehacker, CBC

Give your first conference talk!

Register for the class, and let’s build your talk together.

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