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Hi, I’m Justin Jackson.

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In 2010, I was frustrated. I’d been working for a software company for a couple of years. It was a good job, but it had some big downsides. The 1-hour commute was killing me. I had to live in Edmonton, because that’s where are office was. And, biggest of all, I didn’t have time for my own projects.

I wanted more freedom.

But there was so much in my way: I had four kids to feed, a mortgage, a car payment. I couldn’t just “quit my job.” I had to start small.

So in 2012, I started a podcast called Product People. My friend Kyle and I interviewed the best developers, designers, and founders making digital products. Folks like Jason Fried, Nathan Barry, and Adam Wathan.

Then, in 2013, I created a community for solopreneurs. I discovered that there were lots of indie founders, some full-time, some part-time, and we all had similar struggles: isolation, motivation, growing and scaling our business.

In 2014, I went and worked with Sprintly (Portland, San Francisco) as their product manager.

In 2015, I launched Marketing for Developers, a book and course that teaches programmers marketing strategy. That year I made $66,000 in side-project income. I decided it was time to quit my job.

On January 1, 2016, I went full-time as an indie entrepreneur. That year, M4Devs provided 55% of my income, with MM Club doing 20%, and Jolt doing 9%.

Nowadays, I’m working on a new SaaS, and offer coaching and products for solopreneurs.

I can help you:

  1. Validate your idea
  2. Make your product better
  3. Promote your product

You can work with me two ways: buy one of my DIY products (below), or hire my team to implement marketing tactics for you.

My products:

MegaMaker services:

Make progress on your product

“My call with Justin was amazing. He gave me practical ideas on what I needed to do next with my product. Super helpful.” – CB

Clients hire me to help them make real progress in their business. They’re tired of procrastinating on marketing. They want more leads and more customers.

The best way to start working with me is by booking a coaching call.

Book a call here.

These calls are designed to tackle your business challenges. I’ll offer you specific tactics; whether you’re pre-launch or earning millions in recurring revenue. After the call I’ll send you:

  1. A list of takeaways you can use
  2. An outline of the call
  3. A recording of our chat

You’re trying to get humans to use software – humans with little time, who don’t trust you. Marketing skills matter! Learn them! They’re skills anyone can learn, but they aren’t easy. That’s why people hire experts. To learn more, read up on marketing and talk to professionals. It’s a fascinating field, and I have a huge amount of respect for it.”

– Stephanie Hurlburt‏, Graphics Engineer at Binomial

Hi, I’m Justin Jackson, the founder of MegaMaker.

I’ve been working with SaaS companies since 2008. I was the Product Manager at Sprintly and Mailout, and have consulted on marketing & growth for startups in London, San Francisco, Boulder, and Portland.

Currently, I’m building a new startup called (with my friend Jon Buda).

I’ve also been featured in:

Justin Jackson has been featured in Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Lifehacker, CBC